Pro Tip #10

What does total alkalinity (TA) and dominoes have in common?

Like the first tipped domino in a line-up, total alkalinity has reaching influences on pH, corrosion indices, ORP and chlorine levels controlled by ORP.

  • When TA is out of range, <50 PPM or >150 PPM, pH becomes unstable and control can be very difficult.
  • The amount of chlorine required to yield target ORP set point is dependent upon stable pH. This can result in either lower or higher than desired chlorine levels in the pool.
  • The stability of TA produces a stable pH which is the cornerstone of all corrosion water balance indices.

The lesson here is that when TA levels are a problem, so are pH levels. When pH is in trouble, often so are chlorine levels.

Always fix TA first and pH is likely to tall in place as will chlorine.