How to Choose a Service Provider

As a good consumer, how do you choose a service provider?Van

First you must ask yourself, what are your priorities and what factors into your decision?

  • Cost?
  • Skill & Experience?
  • Factory Training and Factory Support?
  • Good Referrals and 3rd Party Ratings?
  • Past Experiences or Relationships?
  • Word of Mouth?
  • Type of Service Needed

  • Tips & Questions

  • Maintenance Agreements

  • Custodial work is the day to day cleaning of the pool shell, tile, deck, rail goods, diving stands and boards, water chemistry readings and chemical index balancing. While this work is much simpler than mechanical maintenance it does require a certain level of experience and professionalism.

You should look for:

A competent, uniformed technician with a clean appearance with basic written and verbal communication skills and water balancing knowledge. This employee is going to be your eyes and ears through proxy as well as the face of your facility through patron interaction.

  • Mechanical equipment maintenance, troubleshooting and repair should be the work of an experienced and manufacturer trained technician. To obtain maximum results in equipment maintenance and repair, be a good consumer, ask the prospective service provider the following questions on the Tips & Questions Tab.
  • Does the company technicians have factory training and routinely work on the type of commercial swimming pool equipment you have?Inside Van
  • Are copies of the technicians' completed factory training certification readily available to you?
  • Does the service company maintain inventory of OEM replacement parts; at their warehouse and/or on their service vehicles in order to minimize pool down-time?
  • Is there a 24 hour hotline for technical questions and are the service hours flexible to your facility's schedule?
  • Quiz the Service Manager and/or Dispatcher to describe the company's relationship with specific equipment manufacturers, i.e. are they authorized by the manufacturer to repair and/or service said equipment, do they have direct access to manufacturers for troubleshooting assistance while on-site, do they receive technical bulletins and regular technical updates from equipment manufacturers?
  • Do they offer preventative maintenance programs or on-site technical training of preventative maintenance procedures for your staff?
  • Does the service provider have the equipment manufactuer's support as well as act as an agent of the manufacturer performing warranty service on their behalf?GPS
  • Are technicians GPS dispatched and monitored for promptness to scheduled appointments?
  • Does the company regularly recommend equipment vs. repair? Replacement is often the goal of some providers although repair may be more appropriate and cost effective.
  • What type of service documentation is provided to you the customer?
  • Does it detail hours spent on site, travel time, parts used, description of the problem, the work performed and recommendations for future care and maintenance?
  • What is the definition of commercial swimming pool service provider and at what level of commerce? Who have they worked for?
        • Which Municipalities?
        • Which School Districts?
        • Which Resorts?
        • Which Water Parks?
        • Which Swim Schools?
        • Which Health Clubs?

We all know on-site service calls can be expensive. The company you choose should emploee competent service technicians who are proficient in the many trades found in a swimming pool equipment room:

      • HVAC
      • Plumbing
      • Electrical
      • Controls Circuitry
      • Water Chemistry & Balancing
      • Fluid Dynamics (filtration, Venturi Systems. etc.)

As is typical with many repairs or annual maintenance work, it's a lot of little things that add up to determine the success of your facility. Choosing the right commercial swimming pool service organization for equipment maintenance will prevent costly repairs and forgo the need for equipment replacement for years to come. Over the course of time, equipment maintenance is less costly than replacement.

Choose KSI for all your commercial swimming pool services. We offer both custodial and Equipment Maintenance & Repair Services at very reasonable rates. Remember, when you review all the facts, KSI is a better service value for the money.

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