C.P.O. Certification Overview

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The NSPF CPO Certification Course is a 2 day training course providing practical knowledge concerning the operation of public and commercial swimming pools. This is a non-commercial course conducted by professionals experienced in the operation, management and design of public pool facilities. Those wishing CPO Certification must complete an examination in addition to course completion.


Topics Covered:

  • Pool Recirculation

    Calculation of gallonage and turnover rates

    Filtration systems including mechanics of soil entrapment, backwashing, etc.

    Pumps, flowmeters, heaters and other system components

  • Water Chemistry

    Chlorination and superchlorination

    Alternatives to chlorine for sanitation and oxidization

    pH factor, its importance and control

    Prevention of eyeburn

    Techniques of water balance to prevent scale

    Water testing

    Development of individual dosage charts

    Algae prevention and control

  • Plant Operations and Maintenance

    Getting the most out of your filter

    Chemical feed systems and tips to keep them running

    Developing a preventative maintenance system

    Automation concepts

  • Chemical Safety

    Handling hazardous chemicals

    Emergency procedures

  • Energy Considerations

    Pool covers; saving natural gas

    Emergency procedures

  • Other Topics

    Spa and therapy pool operation

    Concepts of disinfection

    Special considerations for fiberglass pools

    Health and safety codes


Although this course is generally intended for the hands on operator, there is a wealth of information that will be useful to aquatic supervisors and recreation and maintenance directors. Our common goals are to provide practical knowledge to assist your personnel in reducing the cost operating your swimming pools.

Registration Information

Enrollment is limited in size for a maximum effectiveness and participation. Registrations are accepted in the order in which they are received. Early registration is advised.