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Addison Athletic Club



Winner of the 2004 “Best Pool with a View” an Innovative Architecture and Design Award , Addison Athletic Club in Addison Texas is truly a unique facility. Built by Ron Hobbs Architects, this 90,000-gallon pool complete with its own aqueduct and waterfall, the outdoor leisure pool is truly a magnificent sight. The 14,860 square foot outdoor area has two levels of medium-depth pools with water flowing from the higher pool to the lower pools. Also included is a vortex bubble hydrotherapy bench and a waterfall at the highest point of the pool.


 In 2013 Addison Athletic Club decided to install Chlorking NEX-GEN onsite chlorine generators. Prior to this the facility had bulk storage liquid chlorine, calcium hypochlorite, and has now moved to onsite generation. The facility made the switch primarily to eliminate the need to store an excess of hazardous chemical, and reduce the interaction between staff and chemical.



 Chlorking NEX-GEN systems are a forward-thinking design that generates liquid chlorine from salt that is stored on site. NEX-GEN systems eliminate the costs, risks and smell associated with shipping and storing traditional chlorine while it pays for itself through lower cost of operation. Knorr Systems provided the equipment, installation, and are currently maintaining it.  Most often Chlorking NEX-GEN systems are used for commercial pools and water parks, the system can be also fully customized to meet your needs. Contact us today.