A.F.O. Certification Overview

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The AFO program is designed for pool operators and management staff on the systematic approach to pool operations including pool chemistry, management, pool safety and risk education. The AFO program strives to make technical topics reasonable and logical with the goal to improve the knowledge and skill of pool operators resulting in safer, more attractive, and longer-lasting institutional and public facilities.


The AFO program is designed specifically for owners,operators and managers of public facilities including universities, high schools, municipalities, military bases, YMCAs/private clubs, swim schools, water parks,HOAs, resorts, spray park facilities and other public-park facilities.


The focus of the AFO course is to make technical pump-room and water chemistry matters understandable, and to give students the tools they need to better operate and manage their aquatic facility.


Topics covered include:

  • Systems Approach to Swimming Pool Operation

    "Nuts-and-Bolts" knowledge

    Role of the AFO in the system

  • Health Department Considerations

    Role of the Health Department

    Health Department Code and pool operation

  • Pool Recirculation

    Area and volume

    Calculation of pool capacity and turnover rates

    System component overview

    Pipe sizing and flow velocities

    Pump basics

    Surface and bottom collection

    Surge pits

  • Filtration

    What is a filter?

    High Rate Sand Filtration

    Cartridge Filtration

    Diatomaceous Earth filtration

    Regenerative filter

    Filter mechanics and backwashing

  • Water Chemistry

    pH overview

    Chlorination and superchlorination

    Oxidation and disinfection

    ORP vs. ppm

    Alternatives to chlorine for sanitation and oxidization

    Prevention of Eyeburn

    Water balance and prevention of corrosion

  • Plant Operations and Maintenance

    Maximizing equipment life

    Chemical feed systems tips

    Developing a preventive maintenance system


  • Chemical Safety

    Handling hazardous chemicals

    Types of chemicals

    Emergency procedures

  • Energy Conservation

    Pool covers; saving natural gas

    Reducing electrical energy consumption


    High efficiency pool heaters

    Solar pool heating

    LED pool lighting

    Spa and therapy pool operation

    UV systems

    Special considerations for spray parks


Knorr Systems has been conducting aquatic training courses for more than 35 years. We have received National Recognition for the quality of our courses, as well as the distinction of certifying more aquatic professional than any other commercial organization.


Our certified instructors are all veterans of the aquatic industry and also posses in-the-field practical aquatic experience. Our citizens depend on aquatic facilities to improve quality of life, promote community and encourage wellness. National certification is a mark of distinction and trust and signifies to the public that you are a serious professional in the field of aquatics and committed to providing the community with the highest level of service and professional excellence. Register for our AFO Course today, you won't find a better one on the West Coast!!!



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