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Would you like to increase and improve your pump room savvy in a fun and creative way? Knorr Systems is proud to offer the Aquatic Technician Institute. The Aquatic Technician Institute online training program is designed to prepare you to operate a pool or aquatic facility according to industry standards. Through online study, the Aquatic Technician Institute training program course offers a flexible alternative to classroom-only certification methods.



The Aquatic Technician Institute online course will teach you how pool systems work and how to maintain them, as well as how to diagnose, prevent, and solve common problems in pool care. You’ll also find information on reducing risk and increasing safety at your aquatic facility. After completing the course, you’ll have all the basic knowledge you’ll need in order to operate a pool, spa, waterpark, spraypark, or other aquatic facility.

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  • Why choose the Aquatic Technician Institute?

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    User-friendly, non-intimidating training. The Aquatic Technician Institute online training program helps you master the fundamentals of aquatic facility care through clear, simple explanations of the key concepts. Rather than just working through pages of math problems, you’ll learn the “hows and whys” behind the essential procedures, resulting in a more thorough understanding of the job.

  • Developed by industry leaders. The Aquatic Technician Institute online training program was designed by Knorr Systems 

    and The Starfish Institute, with the assistance of aquatic industry experts who understand the changing needs of today’s aquatic facilities


The Aquatic Technician Institute online training program will help prepare you to operate a pool, aquatic facility, or waterpark according to U.S. and international training requirements. Using online study, the Aquatic Technician Institute online training program offers the following benefits:

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  • Hardbound 200 page training manual that is mailed to you and can be used as an excellent reference source for many years to come.
  • You can study at your own pace with user-friendly, non-intimidating training.
  • It has been developed by Knorr Systems, The Starfish Institute, and other industry leaders who operate and manage facilities.
  • The Aquatic Technician Institute provides meaningful, interactive online instruction- much more than just book content put online.
  • Outstanding study and reference materials enhance the learning process.

If you want to obtain the nationally-recognized AquaTech certification after you have completed the online course, you can enroll in an instructor-led session that includes hands-on activities designed to help you apply your knowledge, along with a proctored examination to gauge your practical aquatic knowledge.


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