Salinity Control

Salinity2The ChlorKing 5000 Toroidal Salinity Controller simplifies testing salt levels in our pool. Salt levels are very important as low salt levels can cause damage to your chlorinator and will reduce the effective life of the plates. Chlorking's 5000 controller has a bright visual display indicating salt concentration as PPM allowing the pool operator to see what the salinity of the water is at all times. Chlorking's toroidal technology uses a magnetic field to determine salinity. It is temperature compensated, has no moving parts and in most cases never needs cleaning.

Chlorking's saturated salt feeders add an additional step to complete automation. These feeders will add salt to the pool no longer requiring manual addition. They come in four sizes; 30 gallon, 55 gallon, 100 gallon and 150 gallon.


Operator's Manual