ChlorKing Stick 2Testing Salt levels in a saline pool is one of the most critical functions a pool operator has. Maintaining the correct salt levels ensures that chlorine is produced consistently, and keeps your pool sparkling clear.


The problem most pool operators have is the lack of accurate, affordable equipment available on the market today. Salt test strips can frequently be very inaccurate because they are reliant on storage conditions. Most conductivity meters require frequent calibration or they become inaccurate.


Here's the solution, professionally designed and easy to use - the ChlorKing 5000 Stick Meter.

Simply submerge the stick meter into the water you want tested, push the button and you hav an immediate salt reading in PPM on your screen.


  • Digital display of salt levels
  • Toroidal probe doesn't need calibrating
  • Waterproof
  • Temperature compensated



Operator's Manual