It long has been accepted that the best way to control algae growth is to limit one selected nutrient — phosphates. Our unique, patented technology — trademarked PHOSfree — effortlessly, quickly, and completely removes all phosphates from a pool’s water.

No phosphates, no algae. It’s that easy.

PHOSfree eliminates phosphates from your pool. Normal sanitizer levels will prevent algae growth. Natural Chemistry unconditionally guarantees it.

PHOSfree is effective and low cost. A typical 20,000-gallon pool with 300 parts per billion (ppb) phosphates is initially treated with a 1 liter/33.8 oz. bottle of PHOSfree by simply adding to the skimmer. The filter is operated normally for one week. PHOSfree attracts and removes phosphates from the pool water, and is removed by cleaning or backwashing the filter.

Each week, a small amount of PHOSfree is added to the filter via the skimmer. This removes phosphates continually entering the pool from many different sources.

PHOSfree is available as part of our 3-Step, Clear Perfect Water Program. Step 1 is PHOSfree by itself, used as an initial treatment to remove most of the phosphate in a pool. In Step 2, PHOSfree is combined with Pool Perfect for easy, season-long, weekly dosing. In Step 3, PHOSfree is combined with Pool Magic Spring & Fall for complete winter treatment.

Available in 3 liter bottles; use depends on pool size and phosphate level.