Spa Perfect

SpaPerfect2Virtually every water problem in spas can be traced to organic build-up — cloudy or hazy water, filter blockages, chemical odors, excessive foaming, and scum lines. Many of these can be tamed briefly with an application of chemicals, or a complete water change along with some heavy scrubbing. But, the underlying problem remains, the symptoms return, the cycle starts over.

Fixing these problems actually is quite easy — with Natural Chemistry’s Spa Perfect. It’s a natural enzyme-based formula that biodegrades organic contaminants nature’s way. And Spa Perfect is compatible with all spa water sanitizers. Spa surfaces remain clean with no scrubbing and spa water is crystal clear, soft and sweet smelling.

In spa systems, the classic problems created by organic contamination are magnified due to the higher heat and the smaller water volume. Natural Chemistry’s Spa Perfect biodegrades organics such as sweat, cosmetics, and body lotions so they cannot create problems in spas.

Gone forever are waterline rings, clogged filters, chemical odors, and those unappealing brown soapy bubbles. Only clear, clean, sweet-smelling water will remain.

Spa Perfect does such a good job on the organic material that even the filter cartridge stays cleaner — with no soaking and scrubbing. The result is perfect water with much less work — and a much more stable, pleasing environment.

Clear Perfect Water — Guaranteed

  • No Waterline Ring (Scum Line)
  • No Clogged Filter
  • No Chemical Odors
  • No Foaming
  • No Scrubbing


Spa Perfect is available in 2 liter and 5 gallon.

Most spas require only 1 oz. per 100 gallons each week. It couldn’t be easier, just add Spa Perfect to the water. is changing to

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