The Evoqua Barrier M features an automatic, infinitely variable electronic power supply that tailors lamp output to water conditions, compensates for lamp aging and quartz sleeve fouling.This standard power control features ensures proper dosing for disinfection and chloramine control at all times while minimizing power consumption thereby saving up to 40% in electrical energy costs and maximizing lamp life. This unique Barrier M power control strategy is superior to electro-magnetis ballasts and manual timer, two step (low,high) transformer control strategy that other units possess.

Barrier M with shadow



  • Proven Chloramine reduction effectiveness
  • Significant improvement of the pool environment air quality
  • Reduction in water and energy costs
  • Better overall water quality
  • Simple and low cost installations.
  • Easy retrofit and service, low head loss and compact plus footprint with in-line reaction chamber.
  • Extended lamp life and low lamp replacement costs.


  • Applications

    Adding the Barrier UV system to other disinfection processes provides a multi-barrier approach and ensures complete inactivation of all waterborne pathogens. The system is equipped with medium pressure UV lamps as standard which have a wide energy spectrum range - providing the perfect solution to break down combined chlorine effectively and economically. In addition to being used for chloramine reduction, Barrier M systems will also improve the microbiological water quality because UV is a very effective technology for the inactivation of bacteria, viruses and protozoa. 

  • Design of System

    The heart of the Barrier UV systems is the treatment chamber which is equipped with WTL high-performance UV lamps, optimally arranged in the chamber to suit each individual application.The UV systems can be mounted in both horizontal and vertical piping systems, The chamber is designed to ensure an optimal effect of the water being treated. The pressure loss in the device is extremely low due to the hydrodynamic design and the low number of UV lamps. Special care has been taken in the design of the system to ensure optimum maintenance accessibility.

  • Cleaning Mechanism

    To remove deposits and other fouling from the quartz sleeve and UV sensor, a specifically designed, optional cleaning mechanism cleanses the system during the disinfection process. Both manually and automatically operated versions are available for most models. The operation of the automatic cleaning mechanism is controlled by the UV sensor, an implemented timer or by the operator if preferred. 

  • Control Panel

    Siemens panel

    Each individual lamp is monitored and the status is displayed by an LED indicator. For other alarm signals, such as UV alarms, separate LED indicators are available on the display. The display has a 16 character LCD screen to show the information about the system parameters, utilising two buttons, a user-friendly, easy to operate, interface has been created. In addition to the display for local control, the control panel has contact inputs and outputs present for remote control. Several serial communication options are also available. is changing to

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