ProMinent UV Systems provide reliable and effective water treatment for disinfection  and chloramine control in all aquatics applications. ProMinent UV systems feature easy installation, low maintenance andsimple operation while providing world-class control of waterborne organisms and chloramines.



Prominent uv3ProMinent's Dulcodes medium pressure UV Systems are manufactured with high-quality radiation chambers made from 316L stainless steel. The lamp protection tubes are made from a high-quality quartz and feature single-sided access for simplified lamp changes.The medium pressure lamps are warrantied for an industry leading 8,000 hours of operation. ProMinent UV systems provide even UV exposure of the entire water flow through computer optimized system hydraulics and flow-optimized inlet zones. Due to tge ultra-compact design, minimum space is required for installation. They significantly reduce chloramine levels and reduce the corrosive atmosphere, dramatically improving air quality and virtually eliminate respiratory problem associated with chloramines.


Prominent uv4ProMinent Dulcodes Medium Pressure Systems

ProMinent offers two medium pressure UV systems for aquatics applications: The Dulcodes S and the Dulcodes A. Both systems feature the same high quality performance, construction and ease of operation. The Dulcodes S has an automatic wiper and a manual power control strategy which allows an operator to choose 50, 75 or 100% power steps for the UV lamp. The Dulcodes A features an automatic wiper and a modern electronic power supply which is tied to a PLC based UV sensing system. This sensing sysxtem will automatically adjust the UV lamp power to compensate for changes in water clarity and lamp age to ensure the optimal amount of UV light is being applied to the water to provide proper disinfection and chloramine destruction. The electronic power supply control has been proven to save up to 35% in electrical energy costs over a standard electromagnetic ballast system. In addition, the DUlcodes A can be connected to the ProMinent DCM500 to provide UV system control based on actual combined chlorine readings and remote monitoring of UV status via the internat on any smartphone, computer or tablet.

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