ChlorKing Sentry

With the ever increasing demand for ultraviolet technology in the commercial swimming pool, spa and splash pad industry, ChlorKing has teamed up with Sentry ultraviolet to manufacture the most user friendly, cost effective UV systems available.


In keeping with ChlorKing's keep it simple (KIS) philosophy, this low pressure, high output amalgam lamp technology achieves 4 log reduction for cryptosporidium and other pathogen control in water, while remaining cost Sentry UV2effective for virtually any facility.




  • Easy to install with sizes from 2" to 8"
  • Simple to use
  • Lower electrical operating cost compared to medium pressure UV
  • Quick Disconnect to lamp assembly 
  • Easy access for sleeve cleaning and inspection
  • 13,000 hours lamp life
  • Thermally protected, automatic shut down if abnormal operating temperatures are reached
  • From 50-900 gpm rated flow
  • Simple 110V electrical service requirement



Easy to Use

A simple LED control panel allows the operator to visually inspect UV operation and will warn of any malfunction or situation that needs attention. ChlorKing's Sentry UV systems feature a patent pending quick-disconnect sleeve assembly for the easiest sleeve removal in the industry. This unique design allows the operator to remove the sleeves in less than 1 minute when cleaning or replacing is required.