Mini-Series CD

CD10-ADEngineered from the ground up with low airflow requirements as the main design criterion, these powerful ozone generators produce more ozone using less electrical energy than any other ozone generator available. With an ozone output range of .1 to nearly 8 grams per hour, this versatile trio is like nothing else on the market today.

With features like fully-adjustable ozone output and a convenient electrical interface plug, these units are a perfect combination of versatility, economy and solid-state reliability.


  • Universal power supply allows for input voltages from 90-260 volts, 47 - 63Hz.
  • All units are air cooled for ease of installation.
  • All solid state electronic components for maximum longevity.
  • Lowest watts per gram ratio of any ozone generator available.
  • Convenient LED displays show variable ozone output and air dryer status.


  • Typical Applications

  • Products in this category


  • Residential Pools
  • Commercial Spas
  • Waste Water
  • Residential Well Water
  • Bottled Water




    19.5" h x 11.5" w x 5" d, 14.5 lbs

    universal 90-260V/47-63Hz
    2.2-0.8 amps

    1.25 grams per hour
    @ 5 SCFH on dry air

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