Low NOx ASME Pool/Spa Heaters, 207A-407ALow-NOx

Raypak's Low Emissions units use combustion  control to maintain levels of nitrogen oxides (NOx). They have a polyester-coated, non-corrosive cabinet with a wind resistant design. The digital controls provide simple setup, programming and easy-to-understand diagnostics. They have an all Copper-Fin Tube heat exchanger with stainless steel tube sheet. The heater comes with an automatic bypass built in allowing it to handle water flow rates up to 125 GPM. These units meet emissions standards in all Low NOx areas applying to the stringent SCAQMD standard. These units are available for natural gas only.



Hi Delta Pool Heaters, 302B-2342BHi-Delta

The Hi Delta line of fan-assisted combustion units offers solid performance and low emissions with flexible emissions with flexible control and easy to understand diagnostics. They have an energy efficiency of 85% with Cupro-nickel finned-tube heat exchanger. The patented burner "security blanket" enhances staged combustion, minimizes installation and start-up issues, and protects burners from metal fatigue. The status display and on-board diagnostic center is in real English, no codes.They are certified to SCAQMD standards and are available for natural or propane gas. All models are indoor and outdoor certified.

302B-902B Brochure   992B-2342B Brochure