Lochinvar's time-proven commitment to advanced water heating technology is reflected in every detail and component of their heaters. 


  • EnergyRite 2

  • Copper-Fin II

  • Aquas


The EnergyRite 2 enjoys multiple features that everyone can appreciate - efficiencies up to 88%, easier service access, digital controls, rugged construction for both indoor and outdoor installations, smaller and lighter than similar models, with multiple horizontal and vertical venting options that are normally only found on large commercial units. To top that off, the EnergyRite 2 is one of the most environmentally friendly pool heaters on the market today, with NOx emissions of less than 20 ppm.

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The new generation of Copper-Fin II commercial gas pool water heaters gives you all the advantages of Copper-Fin technology combined with the benefits of a sealed combustion system. It delivers three major advantages: higher efficiency, a smaller footprint and a wide variety of venting options. It has 88% thermal efficiency with a NOx rating of 9.9 ppm Thanks to the unique proportional firing technique, these new Copper-Fin models offer more accurate temperature control. Every unit is equipped with a comprehensive Diagnostic Information Center which alerts an operator and helps them isolate the problem quickly. Thanks to their small footprint, low clearance requirements and stackable design, the Copper-Fin II can be installed almost anywhere with six different options for the venting system.

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The Aquas pool package ingeniously couples a cupro-nickel pool heat exchanger rated for salt water with a powerful modulating condensing boiler that indirectly heats the pools water. It separates the pool water from the heat source which equals less product maintenance and a longer life. A complete factory assembled package reduces installation cost and time while maintaining effective heat transfer and extended firing cycles. The Aua pool packages are built with stainless steel condensing boilers which deliver up to 97% thermal efficiency. Standard on every 4000,000 to 800,000 btu/hr package is the Smart System control with LCD display, Navigation dial and 5:1 turndown. Standard on every 1,000,000 to 1,500,000 Btu/hr package is the Smart Touch control with touch screen display and 10:1 turndown. This means programming and data retrieval at your fingertips.

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