Neptune-Benson Defender Regenerative Media Filter

Regenerative Media Filters (RMF’s) are a more efficient alternative to sand or D.E. filtration.

 Neptune-Benson’s Defender® filter uses up to 90% less water, takes up a quarter of the space, and uses less energy than traditional sand filters. Regenerative media filters are also more effective at removing contaminants. The Defender filter is able to remove particles as small as 1 micron from water while traditional sand filters generally only remove particles in the 20-micron range.


Neptune-Benson developed the Defender Regenerative Media Filter to provide a safe, non-hazardous filter which uses perlite media for the clearest, cleanest and safest water. Our automated system offers worry-free operation and substantial water savings. Benefits include the extension to the life of the filter, unsurpassed water quality, improved UV disinfection performance, and up to 30% chemical consumption savings.


The Defender Regenerative Media Filter significantly reduces the amount of backwash water associated with sand filter operation. Instead of backwashing, it is programmed to automatically “bump” to regenerate the fine-grade perlite media for a fresh start. Eventually the filter will become saturated with trapped dirt and will require a quick and easy media discharge and replacement. Depending on bather load, the life cycle of the media averages around every four weeks.


The combination of water, fuel, and chemical savings with the Defender filter can translate into significant savings over time. With Neptune Benson’s 50+ year track record of delivering exceptional value, you will enjoy the peace of mind that can only come from partnering with an industry leader.


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