Nemato National Vertical Filters

Vertical2Nemato National Series Vertical filter tanks are constructed of Fiberglass Reinforced Isophthalic or Vinylester Resin (F.R.P0) and manufactured to ASTM and ASME tank standards using molded surfaces for all critical dimensions.The tanks are totally non-corrosive and have a high gloss gel-coat finish with UV protection. The filter systems are designed for working pressures of 50 PSIG or 100 PSIG with a 4 to 1 safety factor.


The filter systems are shipped with all internal components and media dump port fully assembled. All National filter designs come with uniquely placed integrally molded flanged influent/effluent connections, 12" x 16" integrally molded manhole seat with internally mounted F.R.P. or F.R.P/ clear acrylic cover, integrally molded lifting lugs integrally molded F.R.P. saddle support and molded pressure gauge panel with 2 panel mount gauges.



  • Tool free, injection molded, internally mounted 14" x 18" industrial grade manway with two viewing windows and o-ring seal
  • Commercial grade, 1 1/2", self cleaning injection molded, 180° slotted laterals arranged in a grid array provide superior filtration performance
  • Industrial grade, infusion molded, gel-coated, multi-layer, glass-reinforced, thermoset composite structure
  • Self leveling, injection molded, support legs, permanently bonded to the tank, suitable for Zone 4 earthquake conditions
  • Large 12" x 16" manway opening for easy media loadinf and filter inspection
  • Full 1" bottom media drain including 3/4" integral water drain with media screen
  • Factory built manifolds available for configuring banks up to 6 filters
  • High performance filtration and longer service life, with a five year warranty


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