Nemato Atlas Filters

NPC2The National Atlas Automatic Regenerative Media Filter Systems are consturcted of Fiberglass Reinforced Isophthalic or Vinylester Resin and are manufactured to ASTM and ASME tank standards usinf molded surface for all critical dimensions. The tanks are totally non-corrosive and a high  glossgel-coat finish with UV protection. The filter systems are designed for working pressures of 100 PSIG with a minimum 4 to 1 safety factor.


The Filter systems are shipped with all internal componenets in a fully assembled state. All National Line/Atlas filter designs come with uniquely placed integrally molded influent, effluent and drain connections, 6" integrally molded clear acrylic viewing windows, integrally molded F.R.P. saddle supports, PVC face piping, davit and molded pressure gauge panels with two panel mount gauges.


Internal Con. DrawingFeatures:

  • Corrosion resistant FRP construction
  • NSF Certified 100 PSIG operating pressure
  • NSF certified for use in fresh water and salt water applications
  • NSF certified for precoating of filter in filter cycle
  • Automatic filter system backwash control
  • NSF certified for use with diatomaceous earth or perlite
  • Patented filter system and internal component design


The filters are available from 30" through 96" tank diametes and 100 psi operating pressures. This provides a wide range of filter bed surface areas ranging from 88 up to 1,235 square feet, flow rates from 106 to 2,720 GPM, in twenty-four different models.

Atlas Precoat4