Eko3 Pressure Amplification System

PAS3The Eko3 Pressure Amplification System™ (PAS) is a device used to increase the pressure of clean filtered water to a usable pressure for the actuation of filter system backwash valves. The PAS consists of 1/2 HP pump and motor, a hydro pneumatic tank, a pressure switch, tubing and fittings. The system is pre-calibrated to ensure that it will work properly for its intended use.


The PAS is designed to operate intermittently, on demand, during the filter system's backwash cycle only. Duration of the pump/motor operation time is governed by a factory set pressure switch, allowing the PAS to operate economically while extending its life. Upon initiation of a backwash cycle, the PAS is activated either manually by way of an on/off switch or automatically via the filter system controller for the actuation of the hydraulic valve.