Eko3 GEN2 Filters

Two TankEko3 Systems GEN2 hi-rate permanent media filtration systems are designed with the intention of establishing higher standards for the commercial recreational water industry. Eko3 Systems GEN2 filtration system exceeds all product design criteria previously established. 

Design considerations provide for:

    • Water savings through efficient backwash technology
    • Pure and safe water production, safeguarding the health of patrons and employees
    • Guaranteed performance and system optimization through automated operation
    • System performance data logging
    • Low maintenance with extended life
    • Easy and affordable installation in both new and retrofit applications


  • Product Features

    Eko3 Systems GEN2 provides a superior filtration system that employs cutting edge technology to provide an efficient and functional system with the highest degree of structural integrity. Features of the hi-rate permanent media filtration system include:

    • Tank vessel manufactured completely in-house
    • Injection molded laterals and overhead diffusers manufactured in-house
    • Vessel pressure 5:1 burst engineering
    • Superior balanced overhead diffuser and lateral collection assembly
    • All thru-connections molded into tank shell
    • Large 16" round access manway
    • Interior light for clear visibility into tank for media inspection, filter and backwash operation
    • Heavy-duty backwash valve, 100 psi operating pressure, NSF listed
    • Media dump port is engineered to prevent damage during shipment or installation
    • Adjustable electronically actuated priority valve allows for fine tuning of flow
  • Filter Tanks

    Our filter tank consists of an inner and outer structure that is homogeneous and doesn't require a secondary bladder or liner that could separate, crack or rupture and no thru-fitting to crack and leak. The winding process reinforces the tank in both a radial and axial geometric pattern to provide maximum strength. Features of our high pressure vessels are:

    • FrontMade entirely of non-corroding materials
    • Polyester resin
    • FRP saddle supports
    • 100 psi working pressure with 5:1 safety factor
    • Victaulic grooved influent and effluent ports
    • Large 16" diameter manway with lighted view port
    • Molded media dump port on side of vessel
    • Automatic and manual air relief valve
    • Media loading port
    • Seismic Code Complaint
    • ANSI/NSF Standard 50 Listed
  • Internal Components of the Filter Tank

    tank internalsThe proprietary diffuser design is constructed of PVC materials and is designed to provide efficient distribution of water over the entire filter bed. In situations where filter service is required, each diffuser can be unthreaded from the distribution assembly without disturbing any of the connection internal pipe, not available in competitive brands.

    The Eko3 Systems GEN2 filter tank is the only brand on the market with a lighted LED port for better visibility through the viewing window.


  • Control Valves

    The Eko3 flow control valves are a butterfly design that are ideally suited for flow control using minimal piping space. They are constructed of non-corroding materials and offer excellent flow characteristics.

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