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Club2Club Floating Goal

The Club floating goal is the ideal choice for competitive water  polo at the regional or local level. It combines everything you need in a goal, economy, versatility, and style. The Club goal is the best combination for quality and value on the market and comes with AntiWave's comprehensive 3 year warranty.




FlipFloat Folding Floating Goal

Flip Float2The FlipFloat is a full size competition floating polo goal, dimensionally the same as size as the very popular Club goal, with the added benefit that it folds flat for storage. The FlipFloat meets all national and international specifications, and is easy to erect and fold down; just pull the rear arms out of their sockets and the front frame folds down onto the float panels.Once folded, the FlipFloat goal can be easily carried by two people.



Flippa Folding Floating Goal


The Flippa floating goal is a two-thirds size version of our very popular Club goal with the added benefit that it folds flat for storage.The Flippa is built to AntiWave's usual high quality standards. The flotation panels are durable hand-laid fiberglass. The front frame and rear bars are white powder-coated aluminum. All fittings are stainless steel. The Flippa goal is ideal for kid's games, practice, or any location where a full-sized competition goal is not needed. This goal is also great value for the money!



Odyssey2Odyssey Floating Goal

Combining unequaled form and function, the Odyssey floating goal is quite simply the finest water polo goal on the market. It has been used in pools around the world since its introduction at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. As the standard for major competition or state-of-the-art facilities, the Odyssey is the only choice. It comes standard with AntiWave's comprehensive standard 3 year warranty.



Universal Wall-Mounted Goal

Universal2The Universal wall goal is the ideal choice for competitive water polo at any level, from local to international pools. It is rugged, stylish, and very cost effective. The Universal currently comes in two versions: one for use in the shallow end and one for use in the deep end of the pool. It comes backed with AntiWave's 3 year warranty.


Paragon WP2

Deck Mounted Water Polo Goal

Goal cages can be adjusted vertically to have the top of the cage at regulation height. Supporting legs fold flat against the cage for compact storage on the deck. The facia is a white, channel section made of glass reinforced polyester resin. Heavy duty frame is constructed of stainless steel tube. Goals are furnished as a pair, but backings/nets and anchors must be ordered seperately. Each pair of cages require four stanchion sockets and one pair of backings/nets.




Dawson Water Polo Goal

The Dawson is an adjustable goal that is fabricated of 304L series stainless steel. It meets FINA, NCAA, NFSHSA and US Water Polo regulations. The polo cage is supplied with UHMW facia and a reinforced black nylon net backdrop. Solid backdrops are available.




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