Safety Cover FAQs
  • Does the mesh cover promote algae growth?

    Algae growth is determined by a number of factors including the concentration of preventative chemicals, sunlight, air temperature and the length of time that the pool is closed. The best way to prevent visible algae growth is to physically inspect the pool early in the Spring, especially after a warm spell (air temperature of 60 degrees or more). This can be done by simply unhooking a corner section (It is not necessary to remove the entire cover). If you suspect that algae is beginning to develop, add the appropriate chemicals at that time and reattach the cover. You may need to repeat this procedure depending on weather conditions and the time remaining before the pool is finally opened.

  • What makes your cover a Safety cover?

    Safety covers must meet specific guidelines, set forth in a published standard (ASTM F 1346-91), which include weight support, surface water removal, gaps around the perimeter, and proper labeling.

  • Why must I maintain a water level within 18 inches of the cover?

    The cover will depress, when subjected to weight loads, until it comes in contact with the pool water which then acts as an additional support base and removes excess tension from the springs and webbing.

  • How is your cover held in place?

    A Meyco safety cover is secured under tension by a series of springs which are placed over anchors permanently set into the deck around the perimeter of the pool. When not in use, these anchors are recessed so as to be flush with the decking to avoid accidents.

  • How much weight will a cover hold?

    The official standard states, "In the case of a pool with a width or diameter greater than 8 ft. from the periphery, the cover shall be able to hold a weight of 485 lbs. (2 adults and 1 child) to permit a rescue operation." In certain unusual circumstances, the weight may be even greater. For example, we have an unsolicited report on file documenting an incident where a Meyco cover prevented an automobile from sinking to the bottom of a pool This dramatically demonstrates the combined effect of the pool water acting in conjunction with the cover to support excessive weight.

  • How long does it take to manufacture a custom cover for my pool?

    During most of the year, custom covers can be fabricated in less than 1-2 weeks from the receipt of an order. However, during the height of the season (mid August through mid November) this time interval can be more. You can avoid this delay by ordering earlier in the year.

  • Why does your label say avoid walking on the cover if it supports weight?

    The safety cover is not a rigid surface and will flex under pressure. This could cause an unsuspecting person to fall if they were not expecting it. Also, the cover is designed to be used solely as a safety device and not a play area such as a trampoline.

  • How long will my cover last?

    Meyco Safety covers should last a minimum of 10 years with proper handling & storage under normal weather conditions. However, it is not unusual for us to receive unsolicited testimonials indicating usage for much longer periods.

  • Is it necessary for me to return the Warranty Card?

    Yes, this information enables us to match a specific set of plans with the address of the pool owner. As a result, we can quickly locate the original plan when the cover needs to be replaced without having to remeasure the pool. This is also crucial when addressing warranty issues if they should arise.

  • Can I reorder a Meyco safety cover even if I don't have the original paperwork?

    Yes, as long as the original Warranty Card was returned to us. Meyco maintains an updated computerized data base of all registered cover owners which enables us to locate the specific plan for your individual cover. We can access this information by using the warranty number, original owner's name, and even street address. This process has proven to be particularly useful in situations where the house was sold and paper work relating to the pool cover was lost.

  • Why are your covers so expensive?

    The cost of a Meyco mesh safety cover reflects the use of high quality materials such as solid brass anchors and stainless steel springs. In addition, many of our covers are individually custom made to properly fit pools with unique shapes & designs.

    Making a decision, based on price alone, can be misleading if you only compare the initial cost of a mesh safety cover to an ordinary solid cover. When the initial cost of a mesh safety cover is prorated over an average life expectancy of 10 years or longer, the annualized amount may actually be less than ordinary solid covers that are replaced more frequently. Also the added cost of installing and removing solid covers is often forgotten except on the day you receive a bill from the service company that performed these services.

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