Medical/Safety Equipment
  • Life Hook and Pole

    R221026The double crook Life Hook is made of heavy duty anodized aluminum and can be used for any type water rescue. Available in three (3) options, Life Hook W/8' Pole, Life Hook W/16' Pole (2-8'poles w/connector),and Life Hook Only.

  • Sheperd's Crook and Pole

    70060The Shepherds Crook, when attached to a pole, is used to encircle a victim's body and pull the victim to safety. The aluminum crook with our unbreakable bright yellow super handle will provide your facility with a needed piece of lifesaving equipment. Available in three (3) options, Crook W/8' Pole, Crook W/16' Pole (2-8'poles w/connector),and Shepherd's Crook Only.

  • USCG Ring Buoy

    72330Part #72330

    These ring buoys feature a completely waterproof, non absorbent, closed-cell inner core and are equipped with polypropylene grab lines. They are U.S.C.G. approved. Available in 19",20", 24" and 30" diameters. All buoys are white.

  • Throw Ropes

    72350Made from heavy duty 1/4” poly-propylene floating line with a “lemon foot” attached to hold the line with your foot after throwing. Standard sizes are 30’ and 60’, but custom sizes are available upon request.

  • Ring Buoys

    72300Made of solid, closed-cell plastic throughout soft and resilient to the touch, yet they are almost indestructible! The Soft-Tex surface resists weather and temperature extremes and will not rot or mildew. Ring buoys are available in three sizes: 20”, 24”, and 30” and are bright white or international orange. Four two inch wide webs are attached to the ring buoys to secure the one piece rope used for grabbing the ring buoy.

  • Rescue Tube I

    92350Part #93250

    This traditional wrap-around rescue tube is an extremely versatile piece of lifesaving equipment used for lake, beach, ice, or pool rescues. It can be handed to a victim for assistance, used to reach a struggling victim without contact, tow an unconscious victim, or give support to the rescuer. Made from the highest quality Ensolite foam and covered with a heavy-duty vinyl skin, this rescue tube will not absorb water, rot, or mildew. This rescue tube comes with a quick-release buckle, 6’ tow line, and looped line end which allows a rescuer to easily pull the victim to safety. The rescue tube may be used to assist the victim by encircling the victim with the tube and attaching the ends of the tube in front of the victim, or by submerging the tube and attaching the ends of the tube behind the victim’s back.

  • Blankets

    660007Part #660007

    This is an economical, flame retardant,wool blanket. Measures 60” x 84”. Grey.

  • Single-Use Restraint Straps

    B012425Part #B0124

    Single-Use Restraint Straps (orange 2 pc) 2"x5'

  • Extrication Collar

    F21015Part #F0210
    MXPro Extrication Collars come in a complete range of color-coded sizes for quick, accurate size identification by EMS professionals. The innovative collar offers simple, effective application with its lightweight, thermo-formed construction and pre-molded chin-support design.When used in accordance with local EMS quidelines, The MXPRo collar can greatly limit the mobility of a patients cervical region.

  • Perfit Ace Adjustable

    F1400Part #F1400
    Ambu Perfit ACE is a one-piece design that adjusts to any adult-size neck with 16 different settings ranging from Neckless to Tall sizes. The Ambu Perfit ACE incorporates latches that allows for the user to size the collar exactly according to the viCtim's neck size. Two safety buttons hold the collar in place for maximum reliability.

  • Ambu Perfit

    Part #F1450
    Ambu's one-piece extrication collar provides excellent immobilization in all three planes of motion to ensure critical support when cervical injury is suspected. Available in 6 sizes ranging from infant to tall.

  • First Aid Kit

    KSI offers 3 complete first-aid kits to cover your every need. All kits are stocked with : 1" Adhesive Strips, 2" x 3" x 5" Adhesive Band Aids, 4" Gauze Pads, Large Wound Dressing, 2" Gauze Pads, 4" Gauze Roll, 2" Eyepads, 1/2" x 5yds Adhesive Tape, Triangular Bandage, Elastic Bandage, Antiseptic Towelettes, Sting Swab First, 1.5oz Aid/Burn Cream, Aspirin, 1oz Eyeflush(in 25 person kit only), 4oz Eyeflush(in 50 and 100 person kits), Cold Pack, Latex Exam Gloves, Scissors, Forceps, and a First Aid Booklet. Available in kits for 25, 50 or 100 people.

  • Full Face Gas Mask

    This full facepiece reusable respirator offers lightweight comfort and ease of use. Combine with appropriate 3M particulate Filters or Cartridges, to help avoid respiratory protection against particulates and a variety of gasses and vapors. It features a large lens for a wide field of view and a silicone faceseal for greater comfort and durability. With it's unique center adapter that directs exhaled breath and moisture downward, it reduces debris from depositing in the valve and allows for quick and easy cleaning. Specifications: 4 point harness type, primary material is Silicone/Thermoplastic Elastomer, Bayonet connection type.

  • Gas Cartridge

    3AG78Part# 6002
    The Gas Cartridge is NIOSH approved and when properly fitted, helps provide respiratory protection from chlorine, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide, or chlorine dioxide, or hydrogen sulfide.

    Not for use in environments that are immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH).

  • niversal Head Immobilizer

    MRPPart #MRP
    Durable (reusable) head and neck immobilizer that is compatible with any type of wood or aluminum long backboard and most plastic boards, as well as scoop stretchers. It eliminates the hassle of heavy sandbags and adhesive tape. Ear holes allow for continued patient assessment. Vinyl covered foam provides for ease of cleaning and comfortable support. Features: No metal hooks or buckles to interfere with X-rays; Easy to clean and keep in service; Can be used with or without chin strap; Available in International Orange.

  • Model 439 Backboard Strap Kit

    B204APart #B0204
    Heavy-duty 2” nylon webbing with simple, quick release buckles. Seven foot length only. Three (one piece) straps per kit. Color: orange.

  • MAXx Spineboard

    The MAXx Backboard system is one of the most translucent backboards available. It's lightweight, ergonomic design features large non-slip handholds, integrally molded pins, and bottom runners for stability and handhold clearance. This board resists absorption of blood-borne pathogens and has a tail drop for easier placement and extraction from car seats. The MAXx Backboard system consists of 1 MAXx Backboard, 1 Pop-on Head Immobilizer and 4 Velcro body straps. Dimensions: 72" x 16" x 2 1/4", weight 15 lbs.

  • Mitylite Laser Spot Flashlight


    Part #LITE
    Watertight to 500 feet. Made of an unbreakable space age high impact polycarbonate resin. Focused beam that is 400% brighter than ordinary pocket lights. Includes: Shirt clip, Laser Spot lamp module, two AA-cell Energizer alkaline batteries and Litebender. Length: 4", Diameter: 5/8".

  • Laerdal Pocket Masks

    MaskPart #Mask
    Laerdal Pocket Mask with one-way valve and filter.

  • SaniZide

    R3125Part #R3125
    SaniZide Germicidal Solution is an effective method for helping to eliminate the hazards of cross-contamination on environmental surfaces. A dual chain quaternary/alcohol broad spectrum germicidal solution SaniZide's anti-corrosive formula will not damage lenses, cements, plastics, rubber or metal surfaces including steel plating, aluminum or brass.

    Complete inactivation of HIV in 30 seconds and T.B. disinfection in 10 minutes.

    EPA registered.

  • Mapa Protector Gloves

    2212Part #2212
    Mapa Protector Gloves are made of natural rubber with a blue nitrile over-dip on the work area of the glove that gives superior chemical, puncture and wear resistance. Recessed chain grip allows for safer handling in wet conditions. The two-tone construction provides a visual indicator of glove wear-through. Dimensions: 13" long. is changing to

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