LED Lights

PureWhite LED Pool Light
The future of commercial pool lighting is whiter and brighter.

Going green with PureWhite
Replacing incandescent pool lights with PureWhite LED pool lights is a great way to reduce energy & maintenance costs and also helps the environment.

PureWhite's green benefits include:

  • Mercury-free and toxin-free production is Earth and people friendly
  • High energy efficiency reduces electricity use and power plant carbon emissions
  • Extremely long lamp life eliminates unnecessary landfill waste
  • PureWhite LED Fixture

  • PureWhite 2 LED Pool Light

PureWhite Fixtures Benefits:Fixture with shadow

  • Uses 58 watts - reduces energy use by 90% compared to incandescent lights
  • Lasts up to 50,000 hours
  • Produce light output of up to 4,500 lumens - more than twice as bright as PureWhite 2 replacement lamps
  • Enhances pool water appearance - looks clearer and cleaner
  • Installs easily - compact fixture depth allows bottom catch visibility from pool deck
  • Made from a heavy gauge, Marine grade Stainless Steel with a tempered glass lens
  • Has a nickel-plated brass strain relief with sealing gland
  • Comes with a fully enclosed, high durability, silicone lens gasket made for use with LED lamps


PureWhite 2 Advantages:

LED bulb with shadow

  • Uses 45 watts or less - reduces energy by 90% compared to incandescent lamps
  • Lasts up to 50,000 hours
  • Replaces existing light bulb - eliminates expense of replacing housing
  • Enhances pool water appearance - looks clearer and cleaner
  • Instant operating expense savings and break even within one year
  • Comes with a high durability, silicone lens gasket made for use with LED lamps
  • Proprietary cooling system


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