The Quality Is Built In

Kahana Cross Strap

Tropitone® plant and showroom are equipped with modern, computerized equipment. To ensure years of satisfied wear, only heavy-duty commercial-grade aluminum frames, which come in a variety of different Tropicote® finishes, are used.



Tropicote is an electrostatically applied polyester powder coat finish and is five times more durable than paint, protecting it against the elements. All joints on Tropic Craft frames are full circumference heli-arc welded for added strength and carry a 5-year limited warranty. More time and effort are required, but it pays off with years of use.


Our 100% pure virgin vinyl strapping (1/8" thick x 2" wide) is treated with mildew-inhibiting chemicals, as well as ultraviolet stabilizers, to minimize fading and weathering. Strapping is secured to the frame by nylon anchoring studs and double-wrapped to prevent straps from coming loose or falling off. Tropic Craft furniture is made for durability and comfort. Season after season. Year after year.

Kahana Strap


Tropicote Finish

Prior to coating, all frames are chemically cleaned, etched and sealed in a multi-stage washer. Polyester powder is applied electrostatically, then baked at 400┬║ F to allow the powder to melt, flow and completely seal in the frame. This results in a glossy finish that will resist chipping, peeling and scratching.



We have many collections of outdoor furniture available in a wide variety of colors and styles.

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