Deck Grating

For over 12 years Lawson Aquatics has been developing and improving grating technologies, resulting in faster pools and improved aesthetics. The SuperGrip is the culmination of their technical team's desire to improve the functionality of the top profile of all of their grates. The SuperGrip grating is a non-slip surface profile that has a high-tech finish and provides comfort underfoot. SuperGrip is available with all grating products and in three standard colors. 



SuperGrip Features:

  • Increased coefficient of friction to 0.8 ASTM- the highest of any pool grate
  • Made from the highest quality, low heat absorption, outdoor grade PVC for it's flexibility, strength and UV protection
  • Tested for color fastness and UV stability
  • 10 year warranty
  • Water drains quickly and stops traveling over grates to the deck
  • Lawson1

  • Water is never locked within pattern and therefore avoids algae growth 


Types of SuperGrip grating include perpendicular or Quiet Flow parallel. 


Grate Brochure

FingerGrip Brochure