Stenner Pumps

Stenner has remained consistent since 1957 by manufacturing high-quality, reliable products and maintaining a commitment to customer satisfaction. Their peristaltic pumps are based on a simple, well-engineered design that minimizes complexity and delivers reliable performance.


Classic SeriesStenner2


The classic series pumps are self-priming up to 25 feet and the solutions are contained in a tube so they are not exposed to the pump components or air. The sub assemblies fit together without tools which translates to easy repairs or conversion to another model. They can run dry without damage and will not clog from dirt or debris. They have an adjustable feed rate control from 5%-100% in 2.5% increments. The pump tubes accept a variety of chemicals and the pump heads are universal to all Stenner pumps.



  • 45M5 - has a max of 50 gallons per day at 25 psi with a #5 pump tube
  • 85M5 - has a max of 85 gallons per day at 25 psi with a #5 pump tube
  • 45MHP10 - has a max of 10 gallons a day at 100 psi with a #2 pump tube

45 Data Sheet  

85 Data Sheet



**Additional models available**

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