Gemini Containment Tanks
  • Gemini

  • Gemini2

Gemini dual containment tanks are linear polyethylene constructed for superior resistance to acids. caustics, sodium hypochloride, and handles aggressive applications that stainless steel and crosslink polyethylene will not. 


Standard Options:

  • Double wall tank drain outlets
  • Welded process inlets & outlets from 1/2" to 24"
  • Inverse float level indication systems
  • Ultrasonic level indication & control systems
  • Interstitial leak detection systems
  • Fiberglass ladders, stairs & platforms
  • Mixers & mixing systems
  • Seismic & wind resistant systems
  • Insulation
  • Heat tracing & cooling systems
  • In-house engineering & cad design department
  • Non-standard sizes available




Gemini2 dual containment tanks have the same great features and benefits as cylindrical tanks but have larger capacity per footprint. Gemini2 tanks have 27% more capacity than cylindrical tanks of the same size. Their square design allows for tanks to be side by side for maximum gallons in a given area and compact installation. The integrated bottom mouse door allows for bottom drain or bulkhead. With a larger mounting surface than cylindrical tanks, Gemini2 Tanks can support larger pumps and accessories. Gemini2 Tanks are available in opaque material which prevents light from penetrating the walls and degrading the chemicals inside. Restricting light exposure will maintain the concentration of your chemicals longer.


  • Simplified chemical handling
  • Decreased stress cracking over time
  • Longer field service life
  • Minimal sidewall deflection
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Field repairs possible
  • Exceed's EPA secondary containment requirements