EKO3 Pump Containment Shelf

PCS with shadowThe Eko3 Systems all-polyethylene pump containment shelf is specifically designed to safely contain leaks and discharges from pumps, meters and tubing. It reduces the risk of injured workers due to chemical spray from leaking pumps and meters while minimizing the chance of environmental contamination. The built-in sump safely collects spilled chemicals and the bottom drain allows for easy return to the tank. The enclosure protect your pumps and meters from the sun and weather in outdoor applications.


The pump containment shelf is equipped with a 5" raised platform to keep your pumps and tubes isolated from any leaked chemicals in the reservoir. Extra large mounting platforms are available for large metering pumps. The shelf comes standard with integral sidewall openings for suction, discharge and electrical connections. The enclosure is constructed to fit either two or three pumps with enough room to service and adjust pumps as needed as well as room for an optional pump controller. The 3 pump design comes standard with a divider shield so that you can have different chemical pumps inside the enclosure.


The modular design allows for mounting shelves in series for multi-pump installations. The strong enclsure has a 240 pound load rating with molded-in mounting holes or brackets for secure mounting to wall studs or any level surface.