EKO3 Acid Vapor Recovery System

AVRSThe EKO3 Acid Vapor Recovery System™ was developed to neutralize vapors/fumes created by muriatic acid in a swimming pool equipment room.


Designed to connect directly to a double wall non-vented bulk containment tank via Schedule 80 PVC piping, the system includes custom components for the bulk containment tank including a 2" bulkhead camlock fitting for the chemical fill hose, a 2" bulkhead and VapoLok™ kit for the feed pump suction line, a 2" swivel bulkhead and level sensor; and a custom 55 gallon sealed acid neutralization tank with bulkheads and fittings to accommodate the piping from the bulk containment tank, a 2" Schedule 80 PVC vent and ball valve with hose adapter for draining.


The tank connections allow for acid vapors/fumes to redistribute from the bulk containment tank to the neutralization tank and flow through the downspout into a mixture of water and sodium biocarbonate which neutralizes the vapors/fumes.


Your neutralization tank should be checked quarterly to ensure that the pH levels are at 8.0. you should drain and flush your neutralization tank annually to ensure proper neutralization.