ChlorKing System

ChlorKing Incorporated, the leader in saline chlorination, is proud to introduce an exciting, safer and more economical way of maintaining swimming pool and spa water. This revolutionary method of water treatment has completely changed how pools and spas are maintained. No longer is it necessary to handle hazardous chemicals or struggle with large, bulky and heavy containers. The ChlorKing system totally eradicates the need to purchase expensive chlorine.


ChlorKing has developed a patented, on-site hypochlorite generator (chlorinator) that removes the need for expensive and potentially unsafe compounds. We distribute and install these generators as part of overall systems for the chlorination of all sizes of swimming pools and general industrial water treatment. The ChlorKing system has been effectively used in many applications abroad for over 20 years. 

We are proud to announce that ChlorKing has received accreditation from the National Sanitation Foundation for all models of chlorinators that they manufacture. The registered NSF certification Mark on a pool, spa, or hot tub system component confirms that NSF has assessed – and certified – its conformity with the relevant section of NSF/ANSI standard 50 and UL 1081. In addition, NSF audits each authorized production facility to assure that certified products continue to comply with the appropriate requirements of the standard.


Benefits of Saline Chlorination

  • MINI-reverse

  • CHLOR-reverse

  • CLASSIC-forward


Chlor Mini2The MINI-reverse polarity series offers a compact water-cooled power supply for low maintenance and is available in three different models. All models also feature the toroidal salinity control system that monitors the salt level in your pool 24/7. Feeders will automatically inject salt into your pool on demand maintaining your salt levels with no need for operator testing or manual salt introduction.

Sizes range from 1.25-5 lbs per day.


Chlor Vertical2The CHLOR-reverse polarity series offers a water cooled power supply for low maintenance. ChlorKing offers the simplest operation available using the KSI (keep it simple) process. A dial is mounted on the system and by simply turning it you can increase or decrease the amount of chlorine your system produces.

Sizes range from 7.5 - 25 lbs per day (the largest in the industry).


Operator's Manual

Classic Chlor2The CLASSIC-forward polarity series offers a more cost effective solution featuring a water-cooled power supply and is designed for operators or facilities that have the ability to provide a low level of maintenance required to clean the cell on a weekly basis. A lower price makes this series specifically attractive for pool management companies or oner/operator facilities.

Sizes range from 5-25 lbs per day.


Chlor NexGen2The ChlorKing NEX-GEN systems are designed specifically for commercial swimming pool applications. Ranging in size from 5 - 80 lbs per day, these generators are ideally suited for all commercial swimming pools and water parks.On-site production of chlorine alleviates the unnecessary risks of storing chlorine and puts a stop to the ever increasing chlorine prices. The only raw material, salt, is an inert, safe compound that is stored in a feeder on-site and used as required by the generator. That means never having to add salt to the pool!


Operator's Manual