Eko3 CO2 Controller

CO FeederThe Eko3 CO2 feeder offers a safe and effective alternative for controlling pool and spa pH levels. The Eko3 feeder comes in two sizes wirh adjustable flow controls of 4-30 SCFH and 20-200 SCFH. The EkoCO2 feeders have been tested and certified to IAPMO R&T to NSF/ANSI 50.

Precise control of pH is a necessary factor in the operation of swimming pool and spa water treatment, as it maximizes the ability for the chlorine to do its job properly. pH balanced within proper ranges also maximizes the life of the pool/spa plaster along with the expensive components used in the recirculation system.




  • Switchover

  • Heater

  • Regulator

SwitchoverThe CO2 switchover is a completely automated gas cylinder changeover system that is non-electric and designed for easy installation and lasting performance.

HeaterThe Thermostatic Controlled Heater is engineered to prevent CO2 freeze up. Extends Regulator/Flow Meter life allows consistent gas flow under high demand conditions. Easily installs between CO2 cylinder and Flow Meter/Regulator.

RegulatorThis CO2 Regulator represents safety, reliability and quality. It features color coded adjustment known for simplified gas use identification. It also has built-in gauge guards and delivers smooth consisten gas flows.