EKO3 Feed System

EKO3 Systems, Inc. carbon dioxide (CO2) feed systems are unique on that the COconsupmtion is reduced by as much as 50% over conventional CO2 feed systems. A booster pump is employed to drive a mass transfer system followed by a contact chamber all of which assure total absorption and utilization of CO2.Natural bicarbonate buffers are generated during the mass transfer process and contact time provision. These buffers generated by the EKO3 pH-MTS provides for pH stability. The pH-MTS has been tested and certified by IAPMO R&T to NSF/ANSI 50.



Easy to install, automatic in its operation!


EKO3 Systems, pH-MTS carbon dioxide feed systems offer the following safety and operational features:

  • Minimize the need to transport, handle and store corrosive acid
  • Minimize the potentially dangerous chemical reaction between chlorine and acid
  • Minimize corrosive acid fumes that destroy expensive equipment
  • Stabilize Total Alkalinity levels
  • Eliminate hand dosing of chemicals to maintain proper Total Alkalinity  levels


The EKO3 pH-MTS feed system is connected to the pressure regulator of a single or dual CO2 gas cylinder, or a more economical, low pressure cryogenic storage tank.



The pH-MTS carbon dioxide feed systems are durable in design

with thousands in operation throughout the United States!