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BECs has been designing and manufacturing the industry's most reliable and innovative water chemistry controllers for nearly 20 years. Perhaps you thought BECS was new to the aquatics marketplace... In the 1980's, their controllers were sold by Morr Control, based in Muskogee, Oklahoma. The SystemT and SystemT+ were some of the earliest microprocessor-based controllers to be developed and offered in the aquatics industry. In 2005, BECS introduced the BECSys line of water chemistry controllers while continuing the history of reliability commonly known within the industry, these products offer a rich set of features that redefines the standard for water chemistry controllers.

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The BECSys2 assures crystal-clear water in a plug and play package, complete with flow cell, flow restored delay, feed limit timers, visual alarm indicator, pH and ORP sensors. It also has a multi-level password protection with a two year electronics/two year sensor warranty. The one-touch Set Point and Calibration access and simple menu system for advanced features makes it easy to operate.

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The newly enhanced BECSys3 maintains its easy to use and reliable legacy while combining a new look and upgraded features. A big, bright, easy to read 2-line display assures current status can be easily monitored - even from across the room. Now the BECSys3 can accept a direct free chlorine reading so sanitizer control can be based upon a true ppm value instead of ORP. It is also backed with a five year electronics /two year sensor warranty.

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The BECSys5 is a richly featured water chemistry controller, based on a proven design with years of reliable field performance. While configurable for the most demanding applications, it is simple to operate with detailed on-screen manuals and help information. BECSys for Windows software is included, providing operational logs, graphs and event calendars. It includes a five year electronics/two year sensor warranty.

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The BECSys7 sets a new standard for complete mechanical room control. All of the water features of the BECSys5 are included, along with full configurable automatic filter backwash control. The BECSys7 can directly connect up to 5 filters standard, expandable up to 16. With the fully automatic backwash feature, you can also receive drain overflow protection, water-save mode and full data logging of backwash operation. This powerful controller gives you fully integrated water chemistry, filtration and circulation control. It has a five year electronics/two year sensor warranty.

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The BECSysBW Automatic Filter Controller provides backwash control of up to 16 filters, continuously monitoring and controlling pressures, system flow rate, and backwash holding tank levels. The BECSysBW comes with local service and support, backed by a manufacturer's five year electronic warranty.

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  • BECSys WI-FI Interface Module

    The BECSys Wi-FI Interface Module connects BECSys controller to existing Wi-Fi networks without a monthly service charge. Monitor pool status, download and view data logs, change parameters (password protected) , and receive email and text message alarm notifications with this affordable device.

  • BECSys Remote Communication Module

    The BECSys RCM provides remote PC access via modem,USB or Ethernet to BECSys2 or BECSys3 controllers (up to 32) at one site. The BECSys RCM also provides alarm notification via email, text message, fax, and numeric pager for up to eight recipients. It comes with a five year warranty.

  • BECSys for Windows

    WINSYSThe BECSys for Windows Software is backward compatible and supports full interaction with all BECS-manufactured water chemistry controllers including the Strantrol controllers. Please contact Knorr for a free software CD.

  • BECSys Control Supervisor

    The BECSys Control Supervisor adds a new level of controller interface capability to the aquatic facility. A full color touch screen interface housed in a rugged splash-proof enclosure provides unified access to all BECSys controllers on site. It comes with a two year warranty.