VGBA Grates

KSI offers a variety of VGBA compliant grates, listed below is just a sample of the lines. Please contact KSI to ensure you receive the correct grates for your facility.


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  • AquaStar

  • Lawson Aquatics

  • Paddock Industries

  • Paramount

Aquastar offers round, square, channel and their brand new Full Circle drains(which will be available January 2013). They also offer a retrofit line. All of the grates are available in white, black, light gray, dark gray or beige.


8AVWRxxx no background WAV18WR no background

32CDFLV no background FC no background

Lawson's SuperSump with SuperFlow main drain grating eliminates the need for certification of field-formed sumps by a licensed professional due to it's pre-certification. It allows you to move forward with construction, add to this the highest flow rate for maximum efficiency, it includes everything you need!

SuperSump2 SuperFlow2 

Paddock Main Drains feature all Stainless Steel frames and grates. With a lifetime warranty on the frames and ten years on the grates, these are a permanent installation. They offer many options and customizable grates as well.

2020PCDC Flat

Paramount's SDX is a high flow suction outlet suitable for use as a wall fitting and also as a floor drain when debris removal is not a concern. A "Retro" version is available to bring existing suction outlet covers into compliance. It is availale in eight colors to complement any interior surface.

SDX no background