Railing Covers

SafetyGrip1Safety Grip is a soft, zippered cover that zips over stainless steel stair rails and grab rails in pools and spas. It is specifically designed, UV protected cover made of blended polyester fiber material, bonded and heat treated to a commercial grade neoprene that resists algae, chlorinated water and saltwater.



  • Comes in eight standard lengths and can be manufactured to custom lengths as well
  • SafetyGrip3Security tie-lock prevents tampering or removal without permission
  • Patented UV & chemical protection for maximum longevity
  • Resists algae, chlorinated water, and saltwater
  • Easy to clean - does not require removal
  • 1 year Warranty
  • Made entirely in the USA


Safety Grip also:

  • Assists with gripping for those with arthritis
  • SafetyGrip2Prevents children from sliding down rails and causing injuries
  • Provides a comfortable grip for all ages
  • Adds to the decor of the pool or spa
  • Prevents burns from hot handrails 
  • Prevents slipping due to oils hands from suntan oils & lotions


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