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LAQBELT1Aquatic Floatation Belt

  • Ergonomically designed EVA foam construction for soft, comfortable use
  • Designed to fit various body types with an adjustable belt and clip system
  • For use during aquatic fitness workout routines.



Aquatic Resistance Belt

  • LAGRES1Popular aquatic training aid to build strength and endurance 
  • Dries quickly, stays secure, and offers optimum comfort during wear workout
  • Easy to use adjustable belt

CrossBlade Training Fins


CrossBlade Training Fins are multi-purpose training fins designed to elevate your swim. Showcasing an intermediate blade length, the LFCROSS combines the attributes of both short and long blade fins, increasing temp and speed while offering resistance to build leg power and improve technique. Showcasing soft rubber foot pockets, the CrossBlade Fins conform to the foot, ensuring a secure comfortable fit swim after swim. Perfect for race-pace training. the CrossBlade Fins allow you to maintain arm and kick temp at higher speeds, imitating race-pace speeds in practice. Sold in pairs.



Burner EBP Fins

The Burner EBO Fin is a floating short blade swim fin that mimics race-day cadence while building lean muscle. The perfect fins for training at race cadence as the shorter fin-blade provides just the right amount of propulsion to hone in on the perfect stroke. Shorter cadence kicks help build fast twitch muscle fibers throughout the leg, while an ergonomic foot pocket allows for decreased levels of tendon strain with efficient strength building for the ankle. Elevated Body Position (EBP) is achieved as the fins are constructed of ultra-soft high buoyancy rubber which allows for race day muscle development and simulated race pace conditions. The fins also feature a Wall Gripper Footpad which keeps the foot anchored during flip turns and push-offs. Sold in pairs.

Aquatic Resistance Gloves


Constructed with durable neoprene, the webbed finger panels create additional surface area for resistance in the water, while the exposed finger tips allow for better water feel. Rubber palms prevent slipping.







Elite Fitness Gloves

LFITShowcasing durable, double-sided neoprene webbed construction to create additional resistance in water, the Elite Fitness Gloves are engineered to elevate your training and swim exercise routines. Sewn-in webbing in between finger stalls increase the hand surface area and the exposed finger and thumb tips allow for better water feel. Designed to perform, rubber palms prevent slipping, while a Velcro wrist closure ensures a secure fit. Sold in pairs.

Catalyst Brites Paddles

LVC groupInvented by World Record Masters swimmer Ron Johnson, the Catalyst Brites Training Paddles help improve stroke technique while building strength. Showcasing a patented keyhole design, the LVC Training Paddles help distribute pressure more evenly while improving water feel and reducing shoulder stress. Constructed of lightweight, injection moulded, UV resistant polypropylene, the Catalyst Brites paddles feature smooth edges and a multi-hole strap design for custom centering on hands. Translucent color-coded sizing allows for quick and easy identification. Sold in pairs.





Catalyst Connect Training Paddles

Elongated form promotes a continuous plane between forearm and palm. This innovation develops proper form and muscle memory to instill effective propulsion in the beginner athletes to elite Olympians.









Catalyst Contour Training Paddles

Convex plane contours to the form of an athlete palm, offering a very natural swim experience. The curved surface serves to guide the arm through the stroke to accentuate a proper form.

LAQDMB1Aquatic Resistance Dumbbells

  • EVA foam is lightweight, buoyant and provides superior resistance
  • Easy to hold soft grips for long workouts
  • Improves upper body strength while maximizing flotation support
  • Closed cell construction is Chlorine-Resistant and flexible



Pull Float

LJPFThe Pull Float is engineered for strengthening and aquatic exercise routines. The perfect training aid for swimmers on all levels, the LPF increases resistance and weight in the water, to help develop upper body strength and proper technique. Designed to be placed between the legs, the Pull Float helps swimmers concentrate on arm stroke and technique, by isolating the legs and negating kicking. Showcasing 6" EVA foam construction, our Pull Float is engineered for extended use and performance in the water. Also available in a Junior version for kids, young adults and smaller swimmers. is changing to

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